meet Carolyn

Carolyn is a Mississauga-based personal trainer with a passion for helping people find their strength. To her, this is a continuous journey. To find your strength does not mean that it is lacking. Instead, it means to enhance what you already have and bring out: a sense of empowerment, bad-assery, and most importantly, your strength. Carolyn believes you have to train smart to train hard. With an eye for proper form and an awareness for healthy movement patterns, she will work with you to keep your body healthy while you are training.

As a lifelong athlete, competing in sports led Carolyn to her passion of helping others. The consistent training regimen and guidance of her coaches fueled her curiosity and desire of improving performance. Being able to train without pain, move with intention, and share this knowledge with others are what empowers her as a coach. Carolyn’s mission is to educate and coach people to feel and be strong while maintaining longevity.

Her main focus for her own training is strength for overall health and climbing performance. Some of her recent competitions include a local Ontario powerlifting competition (2019) where she won her category (57kg) and in multiple local recreational climbing competitions (2017-2020).

“Train Smart, Train Hard”


Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner | Ontario Fitness Council
FPM Barbell Training Specialist | Yes to Strength
Level 1 | DTS Fitness Education
Barbell Fundamentals | DTS Fitness Education
Kettlebell Level 1 | Agatsu
Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist | Functional Anatomy Seminars
Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma – Humber College
PN1 - Precision Nutrition (In Progress)
Holistic Nutrition Diploma - Edison Institute of Nutrition (In Progress)

“Carolyn is one of the most motivating and knowledgeable personal trainers I've worked with”

“Her in depth knowledge of the human body and her sharpness in identifying, assessing, and developing any weaknesses to better achieve your goals are unparalleled. She is one of the best motivators and keeps you focused and on point during workouts so you always get the most out of every session.” - Marco M