Mental Lifter Speaks Month

4 virtual events throughout the month of February. Bringing people together with industry experts sharing their personal stories & best practices for maintaining healthy mental awareness.

Stella’s is the place for young adults (age 16-29) with mental health needs in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide comprehensive mental health services in a positive, peer engaging, non-residential community setting. These include:

  • Comprehensive, integrated clinical treatment services;
  • Clinically proven individual and group therapies;
  • Creative arts (visual, drama, writing, open mic nights);
  • Fitness & wellness programs;
  • Vocational and educational support and planning.
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    Event Dates:

  • Sat, Feb. 6 @ 7-8pm: Write Free & Just Be: Journaling with Aaron Fisher
  • Mon, Feb. 15 @ 6-7pm: Cooking Class with George Vavaroutsos
  • Fri, Feb. 26 @ 6-8pm: Physical Activity & Mental Health with Gail Marie La Vina
  • Sun, Feb. 28 @ 6-7pm: Panel Discussion with All Guests
  • Aaron Fisher was born with an innate passion for helping others. In his 20's he had moved to China, created a charity to facilitate schooling for kids in remote towns throughout the country, spoken globally at motivational business development seminars, and has coached fortune 500 companies like Yahoo and H&M on leadership and personal development skills. In 2014, he co-founded Copper88 - a unique garment embedded with rehabilitation and health attributes. Aaron spearheads the company's research and development team, driven by a core value system to help people all over the world feel and live better, healthier lives. Aaron Fisher is also an established photographer, mindset coach, and recently released his international best selling book “Love Letters” on Nov 1st, 2020.

    Podcast (Apple, Spotify, Google, Anchor): The Awakening self

    Book Love letters: On Amazon worldwide

    My name is George Vavaroutsos. I was born and raised in Mississauga. I grew up cooking and baking at my mom's elbow which gave me my first insight into what good food can look, smell, feel, and taste like. I trained at George Brown College, I've spent the last 15 years cooking in some of the nicer restaurants in downtown Toronto. Currently working, (as or March I've been off cause of the virus) at a lovely restaurant called Stratus, located at 79 Wellington Street West, for the last 5 years of which I've been happy to hold the title of sous-chef. While I may be trained in fine dining, I feel that food of all sorts and styles can be beautiful, and should be celebrated, food is the first thing I think when I want to bring people together, make people smile and build solid relationships. Food can heal, and the act of sharing whether directly contributing to the finished plate or simply keeping the cook company and talking can be the difference in a persons day. So let's share a meal and a smile.

    I have always been passionate about people, creative arts and exploration. With over 18 years of experience in the fashion industry designing, artistic direction, business strategy, people development, and world travel - I felt on top of the game. Until 2010 I was diagnosed with a rare strain of MG that posed many health challenges - no known cause or cure. It was the greatest gift I’ve been given. And I’m not talking about ‘overcoming the odds’. I’m talking about having the chance to pause. To transform my life and take accountability. To relearn essential fundamentals of - how to walk, breath, eat and live. Relearn every part of who I really am, my purpose, how I view life and the world. I continue to travel the world, focussing on learning from different cultures and studying various alternative health practices. I now offer private yoga therapy sessions and business/personal mentorship. In 2018 I founded ‘Peaces of Possibility’ with the intent to inspire two things. One, the greatest lesson I’ve learnt; that anything is possible. Two, to share the greatest support I’ve ever known; community. There are infinite possibilities - and there IS always more than one way, just sometimes we need a little help to see it. I believe we all have gifts and purpose. And when given the opportunity to discover, nurture and share these things freely - magic happens. All I want to do is keep learning, living and empowering magic!

    Come wrap up the month with us! A panel discussion with all the guests of the month including a representative from Stella’s Place.

    Mental Lifter Speaks is a space for stories to be shared and voices to be heard. I hope to share my story to continue talking about mental health. I don’t want to hide and I want to empower others to feel the same.