Erin F

Working with Carolyn has been transformational. Carolyn is an incredible coach and I love starting my day with her. I’m consistently impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and commitment to her own learning and development. Coming to Carolyn with reduced mobility and chronic pain I really wanted to work with someone that understood the body and was willing to work slowly to build a foundation. I found that with Carolyn, but I also found so much more. She is such a great listener and is always open for feedback. I appreciate her willingness and ability to modify when things are not working for me, she always makes me feel heard. She has taught me how to listen to my body and trust myself. I have grown so much under her guidance both in my training and in life. I highly recommend working with her, it will be the best thing that you ever do for yourself!

Sabrina P

The first time I met Carolyn she was training beside me at Up the Bloc. I was struggling and frustrated from years of trying and failing to get stronger with haphazardly constructed online training plans. I never reached by goal of gaining strength because I was consistently injured from poor form, too heavy weight and over use. Carolyn saw my struggle (trying to lift a barbell) and immediately offered help.

Carolyn has been training me since that day in October 2018 and it’s a partnership that has changed my body, my strength, my confidence in bouldering and my health. I cannot express how much of a positive impact on my overall wellbeing Carolyn has made in the almost two years of training and friendship.

As a trainer Carolyn brings: - a motivating and positive attitude, an extensive knowledge of movement and the human body, the ability to notice imbalances in your body and correct them (injury free since October 2018!), understanding and appreciation for mental health, a hunger for education and learning, a contagious drive for success

As a person Carolyn brings: - care for you as a person, a great storytelling ability, effervescent energy and excitement , amazing calligraphy skills, great style and wide array of envious gym outfits, monthly changing hair colours/styles

If you are like me and have seemingly insurmountable fitness goals and need customized guidance on how to accomplish them, Carolyn is the friend and trainer for you. Carolyn will lead you to success and then push you beyond that to new levels that you didn’t think were possible (200 lbs deadlift is right around the corner- Thanks Carolyn!!!).

Jordan F

The hardest thing about picking a fitness coach isn't finding one, but finding one that provides you with results. With so many gyms in the GTA it's hard to get over skepticisms when participating in a fitness program. I've been climbing for 3 years at Up the Bloc and I met Carolyn there as a fitness coach and active climber. Since then I've participated in her B-Fit and B-Strong fitness programs which introduced me to HIIT for the first time. It was hard for me to get used to the intense workouts, but Carolyn worked with me by giving technical feedback and positive reassurance along the way. Since then I've participated in her fitness programs which have greatly improved my overall strength and fitness in addition to improving my climbing performance and knowledge. When working with Carolyn I have observed that she is conscientious when she plans your workouts which she will explain if you're curious enough to ask. I've had discussions with her which have revealed her vast knowledge of body mechanics and passion in what she does. In addition to her conscientiousness she's also an open individual which unbeknownst to her has supported my mental health as a client. The combination of traits and work ethic Carolyn possesses is something I haven't found in other fitness coaches near me. I don't regret taking part in Carolyn's fitness programs and will continue to work with Carolyn in the future!

Marco M

Carolyn is one of the most motivating and knowledgeable personal trainers I've worked with. Her in-depth knowledge of the human body and her sharpness in identifying, assessing, and developing any weaknesses to better achieve your goals are unparalleled. She is one of the best motivators and keeps you focused and on point during workouts so you always get the most out of every session. Carolyn will teach you, If you are open to and interested in how your body functions she will teach you so you better understand the workouts you are doing. She is always a trainer I go to when I'm looking for a regimen that will challenge me.

Jin C

Among many, Carolyn’s knowledge in anatomy and body movements and the ability to teach her clients to achieve desired movements are the greatest assets to her and her clients. Training sessions with her makes this very apparent as she knows how to properly activate intended muscle groups and accurately direct me to effective and injury free workout. She has been fantastic in creating programs that are engaging and approachable that are also challenging enough for sustainable gains. Training sessions with her have always been fun, light hearted and motivating. I am extremely happy with what Carolyn and I were able to achieve up to this point and the continued progress we are making.

Daniela M

Carolyn has been an amazing coach. She's really down to earth about training and talking to me on a level that I appreciated. She's happy to discuss any and all needs and questions. Her online plan was really easy to use and Carolyn came up with great and challenging exercises that targeted what I wanted to work on while only being able to use what I had in the house. She was always available to answer questions and gave great tips and advice. Loved working with you!

Artur V

Carolyn helped me a lot to develop lower body strength and mobility. As a self-taught climber I neglected my legs and when it was time to assess that, personal workouts with Carolyn was the best solution for it. I discovered new techniques and started to enjoy weightlifting as a part of my exercise routines. Whenever any of my friends are thinking about getting serious about their fitness I always recommend Carolyn.

Darren B

Prior to Carolyn's training workout, I've never been trained or had any form of professional guidance in the past so this experience was all new to me. When she initially asked me to start a workout program I was skeptical because I lacked confidence in myself; confidence to achieve or complete something of this nature, and confidence in my ability to stick with the program through whatever I'm feeling that day. But Carolyn pushed me to give it a shot and showed me the benefits of what I could hope to accomplish.

Throughout the program, she has always been present and pushed me to build that confidence in myself, to keep pushing through the challenges on the days I am not feeling quite with it or just physically exhausted. Looking back now, the milestones I've surpassed during my training have been amazing, I could not have done it all on my own and I am so very thankful for the motivation and determination she's given me and the guidance in doing the workouts properly for the benefit of my own health. She always listened to my feedback on the program and continuously makes enhancements to help me achieve my own goals, that shows she really cares about her clients and she wants them to succeed.

Overall the program has been a huge learning process for me and I've developed lots of good techniques based on her guidance, looking forward to the future workout milestones.

Paige S

My first experience with a personal trainer was a group weightlifting course with Carolyn. I was at first hesitant as I was a beginner, but Carolyn was tremendously welcoming and provided a variety of workouts that I would come to feel confident in to try on my own. Carolyn's support and enthusiasm pushed me during challenges of wanting to give up.

The classes were always something I would look forward to because I knew she would ensure I was challenging myself, yet still keeping the class fun and exciting. I had such a positive experience that I signed up for additional courses she ran. I would recommend Carolyn to any individual in their fitness journey, as she has a vast knowledge and genuine passion that would inspire anyone to excel in their fitness goals.

Carolyn C

Carolyn has taught me how to maximize my strength, mentally and physically, to become the best version of myself! Her workouts and overall spirit is so contagious, I was excited to get back into the gym routine since meeting her!

George V

My name is George Vavaroutsos, I’m 28 years old and I’ve been working with Carolyn for about 6 months. Starting off I wasn’t in the greatest shape, strong in a few areas, had some technique in training but overall, wasn’t able to connect my strength with the rest of my body. In just 6 months training with Carolyn, I’ve dropped a great amount of body fat, built some serious core and upper body strength, and have really started to be able hit my goals for fitness faster than I ever would have been able to just working out on my own. If you’re reading this and want to really make a change to your fitness and meet a great person along the way then I would highly recommend training with Carolyn!!